What We Offer Clients

We offer Social Media Mastery Service to help business run and manage their social media platforms to attract the right audience to their site, build relationship and gradually convert them into clients.

These come in different facets depending on the needs of the client.

We recommend clients buy all modules if they can, to get the maximum benefits from the services.

If not, each module can be purchased as a separate entity.



Module 1



This is fundamental stage for Social Media Mastery. What you get from this module include:

1. Strategy session

a. Overview session about your business

b. Find the most profitable niche in the online space that you can start today

c. Identify your dream audience who will become your paying customers

2. Social Platform Foundation

a. Identify the best Social Media Platforms to suite your business, your audience and your lifestyle

b. Design the perfect and professional Social Media Platform which stand out among your competitors

c. Integrate your Social Media Platforms and your website to portray consistency, clarity and professionalism.



Module 2


In this module, we provide step by step guide how to create your Social Media content that resonate with your audience. Included are:

1. Why is content king?

a. Get the keys to unlock the content vault

b. Craft valuable and consistent content to hook your audience. Eg if you are in dog grooming, deliver content for that, and not PD

c. Learn the secrets about captivating and irresistible content that your audience will be happy to engage with.

Types: images, quotations, videos, live, text, Blogs, Product and services

2. Content Distribution Matrix

a. Learn the suitable times your content will receive high engagement by your audience

b. Learn the frequency of delivery of your content so your audience will love to stick with you

c. Learn how to automate the process of content distribution to free your time for other important tasks


Module 3


1. Engagement synthesizer and Relationship builder

a. Learn the secrets to getting your audience engaging with your content

b. Learn the hidden treasure in relationship building

2. Nurturing blueprint

a. Learn the awesome power behind nurturing

* They like you

* They trust you

* They buy from you

b. Learn the system for nurturing ie helping people

c. Learn the tools needed to nurture

* Coupons

* Freebies

Exclusive membership etc

3. Networking Gems

a. Why Network

b. Types of Network

c. How to Network



Module 4


1. Ultimate marketing solution

a. Learn how to communicate your product or service to your audience to get them excited

b. Learn how to articulate your product/service benefits to your audience

c. Learn how to stand out from your competition by speaking to your audience pain points and desires

d. Learn how to put your offer together

* Offers

* Coupons

* Half price

* Flash sale

2. Consolidating expertise session

a. Learn a step by step guide to produce blog content that will consolidate your expert positioning in your audiences’ minds

b. Learn how to attract your audiences’ email addresses

c. Learn how to win your audience trust through valuable email that affirms your expertise

3. Ads strategy

a. Learn how to generate new leads on daily basis

b. Learn the proven formula for ads that currently works

c. Learn the short cuts and tricks to any social media platform ads


Module 5


1. Congruency and consistency affirmation

a. Learn the effects of synchronising your social media platforms

b. Learn the power behind synchronizing your social media platforms with your website

c. Learn the strategy to deliver on your word

2. Website maximiser

a. Learn how to consistently drive traffic to your website

b. Learn the value of effective and fast website service

c. Learn the importance of website security and how to ensure safety of your customers details

d. Learn to reduce abandoned carts and optimize sales

3. Keeping your customers long term

a. Learn what is required to reduce refunds

b. Learn the tricks in keeping your customers happy

c. Learn how to get repeat customers time and time again




* Mindset mastery

* Blogging

* Email marketing

1.Mindset Mastery

* Learn how to get into the habit of taking action

* Learn the secrets to achieving what you want

* Lear the secrets to consistency


2. Health blogging

* Learn how to start a blog in minutes

* Learn how to customise and design your blog like a professional

* Learn the best blog post titles ………..

* Learn how to monitize your blog


3. Email marketing

* Learn the secret to a successful email marketing campaign

* Learn the strategy to producing valuable emails your audience will like to       read

* Learn how to generate multiple streams of incomes from your email lists




* Facebook ads

* Op-tin box creation

* Email list building





* Learn how to get a stream of customers into your business on a daily business

* Learn the proven strategy to Facebook ads

* Learn how to find that one Facebook ad that can generate thousands of dollars

* Learn how to ditch ads that do not perform (starve the ponies and feed the stallions)




* Learn to pick the right email auto responder

* Learn to design an op-tin box that appeals to your audience

* Learn to get your op-tin box visible on your social platforms and website

* Learn to maximise you op-tin box chances of catching leads




* Learn the current strategies employed by top marketers to grow their list   daily

* Learn to avoid the pitfall of non-converting emails

* Learn about the content required to attract new leads

* Learn about how to design the perfect lead magnet

* Learn how to get leads on autopilot