Five Marketing Activities You Can Do Within An Hour

Marketing in less an hour


Starting and running an online business can be daunting.

As a newbie, you can sometimes wonder what you should do next for your business. Getting customers is key, right! but this requires consistent daily actions on your part to keep your prospects engaged with you, as you build the relationship to move them towards a buying decision.

How can you ensure that you are taking the steps towards gradually moving your audience into paying clients? That is what I will be explaining with Five activities in these articles. Let’s dive right into this!

1) Write a blog

2) Schedule Social Media Post

3) Comment on your audience comments

4) Create a Freebie, Lead Magnet

5) Send emails to your subscribers

1) Write A Blog 

You might be thinking, gosh!, how on earth can I write a blog with a short space of time? 

Before I answer that, I just want to explain why Blogging? 

Blogging is one most important thing every business should do, big or small. Blogging provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) opportunity for your website because of the high text involvement. Also, when people stumble on your website, they are likely to stay longer reading your blog. Besides, blogging position you as the expert in your niche.

Back to the timing issue, you need to produce good content, but it is important to say away from perfectionism and train yourself to do this in stages. That is getting the topic, keywords, and then the writing part.

2) Schedule Social Media Post 

Posting to social media can feel overwhelming at times. But doing it ahead of time – especially in batches – can make the whole process so much faster! I highly recommend using a social media management tool to schedule your posts. Not sure WHAT to post? Try a tool like Post Planner to find content that has already proven popular in your niche. Equally using Buzz-sumo, to find out social Media post that is liked, commented and shared most. This includes articles as well. 

3) Comment on your audience comments

You can respond to A LOT of comments in one hour! Check your Facebook and Instagram comments, Twitter mentions and blog comments to see which ones need responses. And, don’t forget to respond to your social ad comments as well! Agorapulse is a GREAT tool for making sure you never miss a Facebook or Instagram ad comment again. Not only are you going to comment on your own post comments and response, but you will also take the opportunity to comment on other people’s post, including leaders in your niche. 

4). Create a quick freebie/lead magnet

Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet is the incentive gift you offer to your audiences in exchange for their email addresses so you can send them emails to build relations with them and gradually move them towards a buying decision. Relationship building is key to marketing your business.

Some lead magnets will take much longer than an hour to create. Creating a simple one or two-page guide, checklist or template shouldn’t take you more than an hour. Some ideas for your lead magnet:

  • a cheat sheet
  • worksheet
  • list of tools
  • script
  • tutorial
  • industry report
  • survey responses
  • quiz
  • resource list

Not sure if your lead magnet has what it takes to attract leads? Check this out: Check Your Lead Magnet Greatness in 60 Seconds!

5)  Send emails to your subscribers

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the number one means by which online marketers make a massive amount of money. Email Marketing alone accounted for 47% of income in the online space in 2017. 

Some of my best emails have been written in 30 minutes or less. So, don’t assume you need to spend hours slaving away at your newsletter in order for it to be effective! Some ideas for your next email blast:

  • a weekly roundup of what’s happening in your industry
  • a flash sale
  • exclusive coupons
  • a note of support or encouragement
  • repurposing an old blog post
  • giving a list of industry-related tips or tricks

Click below to watch my recent video on what you can do within an hour or less

Hope you found value with this information. Please let me know your thought via, the comments section. 

Beatrice Yakubu