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Six Benefits of Facebook Live



When it comes to how to advertise on Facebook, we are used to the obvious methods with Facebook Ads and using pixels. If you haven’t heard of live streaming yet, I wonder where you have been in the past few years. Facebook is encouraging users to go live to interact with friends, families, and fans.

Video is set to become the most preferred medium of communication, especially across all the social media platforms in the coming years. Video views performance 18% times more than any other content posted online. 

No wonder Facebook is taking live streaming seriously by rewarding users with more exposure to their content to followers. Also, Facebook’s desire to outperform Youtube is one of the driving forces behind the preference of live video. 

These are the Benefits of Facebook Live

  1. Direct Communication                                                    This lets you communicate with your audience in a live fashion and even respond to comments and that in turn makes this form of communication incredibly engaging and intimate.

For an internet marketer, this is the closest you will ever come to being able to knock on someone’s door and tell them exactly why they should buy your product.

2. Build Trust and Familiarity

If you’re building a personal brand, then it’s a fantastic way to build trust and familiarity. And if you’re creative, then you can do all sorts of amazing things like taking your audience with you on hikes or bringing them to live events.

3. Interaction with Audience

Your audiences are able to ask you questions directly and any confusion can be clarified. Remember, confused minds don’t buy.

Imagine being able to make a seminar for your sales funnel where your students could actually ask questions? And where they knew you that you were speaking to them directly at that very moment!

4. Excitement



The excitement of fans coming on Live with you on Facebook is incredible. You can build anticipation and curiosity in advance by giving a sneak peek of what you will be doing or talking about, so as to get fans even more excited.

5. Connection

If you’re a marketer looking to make a big splash online, then this tool can help to give you a massive head start. People want live content and they’re incredibly excited for it. For instance, showing fans behind the scenes activities of your business will be much appreciated and get people to have a concept of your world.  

6. Easy for Building Personal Brand

For an internet marketer, Facebook Live is the closest you will ever come to being able to knock on someone’s door and tell them exactly why they should buy your product. If you’re building a personal brand, then it’s a fantastic way to come across as authentic and believable.

How to Get Started

To use Facebook Live, you will need:

a. Facebook mobile app.

b. Simply click on the box you would tap to post new content.  You can do this from your personal account or from your Facebook page.

c. Select the ‘live’ icon at the bottom. This is a small camera image with ‘live video’ next to it. 

d. Click to see your camera in the background and a few options.

e. Add a description: One important option is the ability to add a description.

This will make your content sound interesting when people find it and aren’t familiar with your brand. So be sure to do this.

f. Start speaking while looking at the lens of your device.

g. Post Your Video

Hope this brings you the skill and the confidence to ‘just do it’

Send me your comment and thoughts

Beatrice xx



Let’s Create Your Lead Magnet

We’ve tested lead magnets and found several consistent qualities of the really successful ones.
And while your lead magnet does not need hit the target for every one of these criteria, the more you can achieve, the better.

Your Lead Magnet Should Have These 8 Elements

1. One Big Benefit:

Your lead magnet should deliver one big thing to your subscribers, rather than a bunch of smaller things.

For example, instead of offering the big encyclopedia of internet marketing, you might offer the one breakthrough method that netted you $143,548 in 6 months, or the one traffic trick that sent 54,032 targeted visitors to your site last month.


2. Specificity:
The more specific your lead magnet promise is, the better. The promise should be compelling to the people you are targeting.
Notice in the examples above we didn’t offer to show them how to make money – we offered to show them how we netted $143,548.
And we didn’t offer a traffic method – we offered a method that drove 54,032 visitors in one month.


3. The End Result:
Your readers are searching for a specific outcome. So the question is, does your lead magnet get them closer to achieving that result?
For example, if they’re looking to get their child into college, you might offer a calculator that shows them how much they need to save each year, based on the child’s current age.


4. Relationships Building
Your lead magnet should set you or your business up as the authority they can trust.
This is easy to do if you’re giving them great content that solves an immediate problem they have.

5. Instant Gratification:

Is your lead magnet delivered immediately? It should be. They opt into your list, and the next page tells them to either download it or check their email for the download or access link.


6. High Perceived Value:
While your lead magnet might only be a PDF or a video, the content itself should be immediately valuable to the new subscriber. If it’s something they would willingly pay for, then you know you’ve hit the mark.


7. Fast Consumption:
Your lead magnet should be something that can be consumed in 20 minutes or less. Here’s why:
When you set up your entire funnel, it will hopefully consist of a lead magnet, followed by a small (trip wire) offer for a low price.
If they take this trip wire offer, you’ll immediately make your core offer. If they take the core offer, you’ll immediately offer your big ticket item. For example, you offer a free lead magnet on one easy trick to curb procrastination. You follow this up with a $7 eBook on 7 methods to get more done in less time. Next is a $47 offer to forever curb procrastination in 30 days.
And finally you offer one-on-one coaching for $300 on how to use all this new found time to create a bigger, better, richer life.

Do you see why we want them to consume our lead magnet fast? We want them to use it, love it and want more. That way when we immediately offer more, they’re ready to buy.

8. Delivering Your Lead Magnet
If you don’t already have an email service such as Aweber or GetRepsonse, you’ll need to do this now.

If you’d like to start for free, try Mailchimp. Their smaller plan is free and you won’t pay until you upgrade later.

ConvertKit is a new email service to consider, and bloggers love it for how easy it is to initially set up as well as to segment your lists.

Your email service will provide opt-in boxes that you can place on your website in various places, as well as creating a landing page / squeeze page.

If you do have a website of your own, place your lead magnet in the sidebar, after each post, in the header or the Hello Bar,as well as a Pop-up Opt-in such as OptiMonk or OptinMonster.

Hope you got value from reading. Let me know your comments please.










social media marketing Tips

Social Media Management Explained


Social media marketing is a crucial component of any successful digital marketing strategy, and has literally changed the way in which we communicate.

This powerful set of marketing tools now only allows businesses big or small to engage with their customers, but also with new audiences in an effort to increase brand exposure and generate leads. 

These channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube offer unmatched opportunities that go way beyond a conventional website, and help you stay a few notches ahead of the competition.

It is crucial to employ simple yet sustainable online media strategies, and consider your budget, time and resources to delineate one that meets your business’s goals and objectives.

Today more than ever, people use their mobile devices to search the web, and when they find you, it is important that they are able to communicate with you in a seamless manner. 

Social media management (SMM) experts use bespoke social media strategies to generate more traffic, leads and sales for your business as well as improve your search engine rankings.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1) Improve search engine rankings
2) Engage with current and future customers
3) Target your audience more effectively
4) Increase website traffic
5) Increase brand recognition

There are several different social platforms to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and social media marketing experts will help you find the most suitable platforms for your business. 

For example, certain businesses may be better off showcasing their products on visually rich media sites such as YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, while others with text posts and even Twitter’s 140 character tweets.

Social Channel Management Services include
1) Sentiment Analysis Benchmarking
2) Social Monitoring
3) Community Management
4) Content Development
5) Reporting

Customers today want to find you online, on their mobile devices, home computers, and today social medial platforms as well. Building and maintaining a strong online presence adds stature, reputation, trust, and by engaging with your customers, you prove that you are a genuine business. The more valuable information you provide, the more you promote your brand and build awareness.

Whether you’re looking to manage your social media channels yourself or outsource the entire operation, there’s a viable solution that’s right for you. Social media management is a rather long process so its best to get started sooner than later.

Experts in this field can help you leverage your brand advocates, find your target audience and create that two way conversation to share ideas and solve problems.

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Social Media Marketing Steps

Four Steps to a Successful Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a very useful tool for businesses to use to market their products, services or ideas they want to share with potential clients.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram  etc., have been on the rise for the past decade and experts are learning how to use them effectively to market their business.

There are four steps to market a product, service or an idea successfully through social media marketing. The four steps are broken down to:

• Create long-lasting relationships
• Serve an attractive purpose
• Paid for results, not hard work
• Effectiveness of your marketing strategy

Step 1: Create Long-Lasting Relationships:

Relationships are the key to being successful in any business or industry. Relationships are the gateway to being introduced to the new prospects in your market for your client base from a good referral.

A quality relationship where the company representative has satisfied the customer more than they had been expected can lead to a referral, which is a necessity in social media marketing.

Marketers should start to create long-lasting relationships at networking events where their target prospects are located at, and send referrals to potential prospects that are in need of a service while expecting nothing in return from the potential prospect.


The referrals will come in once the marketer meets the potential prospect, again when the prospect has learned that the referral that was sent to them was referred from the marketer.

Step 2: Serve an Attractive Purpose:


The secret to an attractive purpose is perfecting the combination of increasing sales in the organization and the purpose that the target community is attracted to.


Many companies in the market today donate a certain percentage of their proceeds to different types of charities or to foreign countries that are in need of resources.


For example, a company that donates a lot of proceeds to Kenya is a company known as Artiken, who specializes in wristbands for runners. These wristbands are handmade in Kenya and are imported to many different countries and the company has guaranteed to donate a portion of their earnings back to Kenya to help supply clean water and to introduce jobs throughout Kenya.


This marketing strategy is a perfect combination of having an attractive purpose to the target community along with increasing sales in the company.


Step 3: Paid for Results, not Hard Work


In business, there is a difference between goal driven and results driven. Goal driven is the definition of hard work, and an individual that is results driven is understood to be achievement orientated.


In social media marketing, the individual is paid by the sales that are brought in from the company they are representing, which means that the marketer must be achievement orientated and results driven.


A method to manage your time through marketing is determining the most important activities for the week. While eliminating the less important priorities, the most important activities must be identified and the activity that must be completed should be designated as the most important priority.


Step 4:  Effectiveness of your Marketing Strategy


Social media marketing can be a very effective tool for businesses, but only if it analyzed and measured correctly. In order for your marketing to be effective for your business you must analyze to confirm if the current marketing strategy is a benefit to the company. Consistent contact with the customers will keep the representative updated on the customer’s needs, and offering products the customer is in need of.


Many online services offer data researching tools where the social media marketer can measure demographics, type of industry and the age group the company’s purpose and products that are offered are most attracted to.



In conclusion, Social media marketing has become an integral part of every business whether large or small. Getting successful at social media marketing is important, not only to gain new clients, but remaining relevant to existing clients.


That is why implementing these four steps could potential bring success to your business:

Create long-lasting relationships: Serve an attractive purpose: Paid for results, not hard work: and Effectiveness of your marketing strategy.


I appreciate your time in reading this pieces of information. Hope it is useful for your business. Please leave me comments or suggestions below.






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How to becomeVisible on Social Media

How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Influencers to Notice You



How to becomeVisible on Social Media

How to becomeVisible on Social Media

In social media marketing, one of the main strategies is to target influencers. If they have noticed you and liked your work, they can do wonders for your business. First thing that can be positive for your business is that it can grow your company rapidly. Have you noticed how quickly some of the businesses get hundred thousands of likes and followers in an instant? That’s the magic of being on the good side of influencers.


Influencer marketing is one Social Media Marketing tactic business coaches regularly harp about – trying and engaging with Social Media influencers organically. One vouch is all you need from them to start off with and the rest will follow if your content is really worth it and whatever you are selling is something the world at large can connect with.


Since so many of the marketers now are vying for the influencers’ attention, getting their attention now makes it even harder. Most of the influencers probably get hundreds of mails, messages, voicemails and have thousands of people sharing their stuff on social media – so breaking in seems impossible, right?


Here are few ways you can get a Social Media Influencers to notice you:

Ho To Get Noticed by Influencers

Be Strategic:


The first step to getting the right influencers to notice you is by picking out the right ones. Obviously, it would be cool if someone like Neil Patel and Jeff Bullas could be reached but be realistic here. They are the big guns of social media marketing and reaching out to them would be almost impossible; so instead, why don’t you try targeting smaller influencers. They are less competitive to reach to and it’s far easier for you to get their attention. The other benefit to it is that there can be more of them and you can find the right influencer that fits you and your brand. The only drawback here is that while a famous influencer can get you in front of 500,000 people, a small-time influencer can only manage the 10th of it. But if a smaller influencer can still deliver all the results you want, it’s all well isn’t it?

Use the Right Mindset:

 Going after small influencers will get you noticed easily but there are still a few things that you need to keep in mind. That is, how to talk to an influencer. It’s important that you talk to influencers the right way. Talking to them in the right way means that you’ll need to think of them in the right way. To narrow it further for you, try to befriend them instead for making the idealistic sales pitch – they are human beings.

Find Them: 

There are plenty of influencers you can find if you know your niche well but there are also plenty of tools to help you find potential influencers.


Make a Short List:

Before diving in, make a list of 20 relevant influencers you want to reach out to. Having a shortlist of influencers makes you focus on which influencers could really help you and it also gives you more time to build relationships with the people who do matter.

Make Your Move:

 After getting all the above mentioned things done, all you need now is to make your final move. The relationship building part, here’s what you can do:

Step by Step Guide:

influencer Marketing

influencer Marketing

 Follow them on every social media platform they’re on,

– Sign up for their email and RSS feeds,

– Start sharing their content in your social media content,

– Leave comments on their blog. The sooner you can do this after they publish, the better,

– Don’t just share their posts on social media – reply and comment on them, too,

– Mention their posts and other work formats on other blog comments you leave and in the content you create,

– Figure out which channel they prefer to communicate with -some prefer email and some go for direct social media messages,

– If you feel like you know them well enough, now spend some time crafting your outreach email,

– If you’re asking them to share a piece of your content, only pitch them something they’ll be interested in, and,

– If you are good in content as well as your influencer is, offer to guest post on their blogs.

Hope this post was beneficial. Don’t be scared, master the courage and follow these rules to get yourself in front of influencers in your niche. Please leave me a comment below so I can better serve your needs.











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Six Top Tips For Business Start Ups


These are the 6 tips you should know as a newbie.


Cash flow is mega important and is the single most problem for small and developing businesses. Lack of cash flow is the number one reason for small businesses failures. Always make sure there is enough money in the bank to enable you to carry out the day-to-day basics needed to run your business.

If cash flow is restricted, then try raising funds from sources such as banks, family and friends, crowd sourcing or even local companies who often invest in small business for the benefits of publicity. If you know that you have a cash flow or liquidity issue you need to address it now as leaving it to chance or opportunity will lead to business failure. Far too many business owners run their business as an extension of their own personal finances. This is a really bad idea, learn to keep the two separate.


First of all, acknowledge that you don’t have the skills to do everything that you need to do to run a successful business. None of us actually knows everything about everything even if we’d like to think we do. With this thought in hand it’s a good idea to decide were your skills are lacking and undertake a small amount of training just so you understand the basics, then hire someone who can. You don’t need to hire employees which will increase your overheads significantly; you can in fact hire really good freelancers from online sources such as Fiverr,, and Upwork.



Most of us like to be in charge of our own futures and definitely our own business. Handing over control, even just a little can leave us feeling empty and scared. It doesn’t have to be like that. You can maintain control whilst allowing those who can to perform the duties that they need to perform. Freelancers are very capable people and know their subjects well, hiring freelancers rather than employees may help you to maintain the control over your business that you desire whilst getting the job done quicker and cheaper.



Why do we tend to think that we know what our customers want, we don’t because we very rarely listen. All too often we continue to look at it from a sales point of view rather than a consumer point of view. Once you put yourself into the footsteps of the buyer and pay attention to what the customer actually wants and needs you’ll probably find out that what you are delivering needs to be readdressed.


Image result for customers opinion



It’s all about the customer, what the customer wants and what the customer gets. In a nutshell all the customer actually wants is a product or service that fits their needs, is value for money and is administered through amazing customer service. It actually amazes me how little most small business owners value their customers. Not only is their feedback critical to you delivering what your customers need but also for their referrals and repeat business.



Our own instincts or gut feelings are seldom wrong; the issue is that most of us ignore them rather than use them as a valuable decision-making tool. We all too often are left saying; ‘if only’ when we make a bad business decision. My advice to you is to listen to your gut feelings, do some research and then act on the facts.



If you don’t know your revenues, expenses, capital requirements, profits (gross and net), debt, cash flow, and tax rate you’re off to a bad start. First principle of business is getting the money right. Once the money aspect is operating as it should do you will be free to work on other aspects of your company.



If you don’t learn to work effectively with other businesses.i.e. through effective agreements and contracts, you will come unstuck sooner rather than later. People always have good intentions but life sometimes gets in the way and people tend to not keep their side of the bargain. Protect yourself and your business with effective contracts and agreements. Always protect yourself when trading with both companies and customers alike.


If you have intellectual property make sure that you protect it. If you don’t have the funds to copyright or trademark your IP then you can protect your own IP on a shoestring. You just need your designs, two envelopes, a lawyer/solicitor and a stamp. Secure your signed and dated designs in an envelope marked,’ for court action only’ Date and sign the envelope. Place it into a further envelope and send it by post to your solicitor with a message on the seal stating, ‘Only open for court action’. Create a duplicate, mark it with copy and send it to yourself. Don’t forget to inform your solicitor that the letter will be arriving and needs to remain secure in their safe until needed or they may open it and you’ll have to start the process again.


I hope that these six tips for starting and growing your business have been helpful. Please pop over to our site to check out further what we can do to help you and your business.


















By Isabella L Hawke
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content is King

Content Marketing Tips For Your Business

Content marketing is an effective Internet marketing strategy to attract, engage and retain customers. Content marketing generates leads, brings social media following and creates brand awareness. In this article, you will find a few tips that help you in improving content marketing for your business.

Define the goals of your business:
Before you start a content marketing campaign, it is important to define the goals. These goals should be actionable, and should match the goals of your business. For example, the goals could be to acquire more customers by engaging them to your site, to improve your business’s online presence, and to turn them into your repeat customers in the long run.

Ideally, the goal initially should be to make users to come to your site. Over time, this will help you build their trust and help you convert them into customers.

Identify who you are writing for who your target audience are. In addition, know their needs, wants, interests, likes, dislikes, what they are reading and talking about your products/services online and offline. Then, create content accordingly.

Make sure whatever you write is aimed to solve your audience’s problems, educate and inform them. This helps win their trust over time and make them oriented to your products/services.

Determine the type of content you use:
There are three types of effective content used in content marketing strategies – long form, short form and conversation. You can use them according to your business’s requirements.
In long form content strategy, you write content in the form of blog posts, articles, news updates, etc. In short form, you post on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In conversation, you respond to the comments on blogs, updates, posts and so on.

Create unique content:

Content is king. Develop unique content that talks about your products/services. Do not copy and paste content from other websites. It should be useful and fresh and engaging.

Content with infographics:
Infographics attract and engage readers. Develop professionally designed infographics that prompt the reader to read and share.

Share content on social media networking sites:

Whenever you post an article or any such piece of content on your website, make sure to share it on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc. In addition, posting/sharing content on social media sites helps in establishing relationship with your targeted audience.

It is sensible to make a schedule of updates and recommend your readers to click them on so that you could reach a greater number of audience.

Content marketing is one of the marketing strategies that bring reasonable returns on investment in the form of leads/sales for your business.






By: Cliff M Curtis
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Online Success Story

How To Become An Online Marketing Success Story

Generating traffic is the life-blood of any online business. It determines whether you win or lose. It determines whether you will succeed or be a failure. It does not matter if your product is the best thing to happen since chocolate. Without traffic it’s like you are winking in the dark and asking your buddy to guess at what you are doing. When it comes to marketing successfully online, there are tons of methods you can use. But only a few of them are really effective.

Free Classifieds Ads

The best way to use this method is to find the ads that rhyme with your business. For instance, you do not want to put your ads in the motorcycle section, when you are in the video gaming business.

Classifieds enjoy mammoth traffic and it’s great to get your business out there. Furthermore, this type of ad is effective only with perfect timing. Do not try to make outright sales with these ads, offer freebies in exchange for contact information. You can close a sale much later.

Affiliate Marketing

Get used to the fact that some people will do a better job of pushing your online business to the virtual world, than you would do. Get them to do just that for you by becoming affiliates. Offer them profitable commissions for every sale they make. Ensure, your site is cool and your product is impressive. The best affiliate marketers have a reputation to protect and would not promote a dodgy site or crappy product.

Social Media

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are the biggest social media platforms in the world, reaching out to billions of people worldwide. You can twist the massive traffic in these places to your favour, if you have a smart strategy to work with. Remember people are not looking to buy stuff. They want to mingle and have fun. So mix your business with a lot of fun and excitement.

Search Engine Optimization

The best traffic you could ever get is traffic from the search engines. Millions of people type in queries into Google, Yahoo or Bing and visit the sites that show up. And the good thing is that people who type specific keywords, especially long tail keywords (minimum of 4 words) are always in buying mode. Buy keyword finding software and locate hot but low competition keywords that put you on top of the search pile.

Professional Site & Capture Page

First appearances count. When people visit a site, the look of your site is what hits them first before they even look your content. If your site has a poor layout and you have a wonderful product, you are shooting yourself in the foot here. Even crappy products get away with sales, just because the site owner was smart enough to fashion out something fancy.

On another note, remember that the money is the mailing list. So you need a capture page on your website. Most people never buy stuff first-time out. You have to build a rapport with them and make them understand why they should buy from you. So offer them a free eBook, coupon code or ask them to subscribe to your weekly newsletter. Do something, dangle a carrot and get their contact information. Your mailing list is your online goldmine.

Positive Customer Reviews

People are skeptical about things online and would prefer to wait for a glowing testimonial or other people to review and recommend. Your online business is in la-la land without positive reviews. These reviews give you an authoritative edge and credibility in the midst of the competition.

If you’d like to learn more of my online marketing methods and the products I’m affiliated with please leave comments below. I hope this article was helpful and I appreciate the support.

By Michelle Christmann
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Facebook Marketing

Think Facebook Doesn’t Work For Business Anymore? That’s Nuts!

If you’re like many businesses these days, you’ve just about given up on Facebook as a means of promoting your business. Things may have been working out great for you in the past, but over the last few years, you’ve noticed the engagement of your posts getting lower, and your fans dropping off one by one until the point where Facebook basically stopped sharing your updates altogether.


So it’s over for businesses on Facebook, right?

Not so fast. It’s a myth, and if you understand how to leverage Facebook properly, you’ll be in better shape than ever.

So what’s behind the common sentiment about Facebook’s demise?

Facebook Has a tract record

First, the internet moves at the speed of light, and there are constantly proclamations of new, better, online channels. But the fact is that Facebook (unlike the new kids on the block) has proven it’s place in our world, and has the numbers to prove it. The next time someone tells you that you need to jump ship from the old guard social media in favour of the latest trending platform, think twice before taking action.


Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

News Feed Changes

It’s true that Facebook has changed it’s algorithms to make it more difficult for businesses and marketers to dominate the newsfeed of the end-user… but that’s actually a very smart move.

Why? Because the happier the end user (who isn’t bombarded with promotional messages all the time), the more likely they are to stay on Facebook… and that leads directly to the other smart thing Facebook has done.


Effective Advertising Platform

They’ve created the world’s most powerful consumer ­focussed advertising platform. A platform that is driven by data about actual people, and designed to afford even the smallest of small businesses the ability to reach the ideal prospect on the tiniest of budgets.


Low Budget Advertising Cost

Is Facebook making us “pay to play?”

In short, yes. But the playground they’ve built is the most cutting edge one available. And, unlike traditional ads on the radio, TV, in newspapers, or even on other websites, Facebook ads can easily and rapidly be tested to bring you positive ROI.



Ease of Management

It is easy for the average business to manage on their own?

All it takes is a simple understanding of a winning Facebook ads strategy, and any small business can easily create and prosper from Facebook ads. And if plans and goals are loftier, there are plenty of seasoned ad specialists available to help construct winning campaigns to reach your business’s goals.


Get Started

Don’t play into the myth that Facebook isn’t worth your time or attention. Get started on a plan, and be consistent. Before you know it, you’ll be building your email list, driving more customers through your doors, and making new sales faster than you ever thought possible.









By D. Baer


How To Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement

In recent years, Facebook Fan page engagement has proven to increase sales and increase revenue for online businesses. This practice has also come under criticism from various Social media marketers. Some claimed Facebook fan page engagement is not as effective as before while some maintained it is still very effective if not even more. The fact is that Facebook engagement has very positive benefits for online business if properly utilized.

It takes hard work to get very popular with your Facebook fan page and also get people to interact with it. The benefits of having more people interact with your fan page are enormous and give you an edge over your fellow competitors within the same niche or industry. It is obvious that when people engage more frequently with your content, Facebook algorithms show those posts to more people to increase your visibility and engagement. Even though it might sound so simple, it’s not as simple as that. This is because there are series of rules every successful internet marketer will have to follow or take into consideration for them to be able to increase their Facebook Fan page engagement.

The following tips will educate you on how to increase your Facebook fan page engagement


1. Using Photos: 

Photos plays a very important role on social media especially when the photos are very attractive and informative. Using quality photos on your Facebook Fan page will help draw the attention of your visitors and fans to take a look at your post. Studies have shown that post with attractive photos increase engagement over 300% and encourage people to like and share your post and pages. Photos should be taken serious on Social media marketing especially on Facebook Fan page in order to increase engagement and likes on your Fan pages.


2. Use Facebook Live:

This is another great way of getting more fans and increasing your engagement on your fan page. However, I think this works better when you already have some fans on your fan page. This platform is new and is already creating waves on Facebook and social media in general. It enables you to broadcast events live and connect with your audience on Facebook. It is simply an amazing tool for social media marketing. Use it and use properly.


3. Post Frequency: 

You might want to post more often on your Facebook Fan page to show seriousness and consistency in the eyes of your audience, Facebook and search engines. The more frequent you post, the more people will see your posts and interact with them. Also, FB will rank your page better and show your post to more people within your niche. Consider posting frequently on your Facebook fan page if you really want to increase engagement. Make sure you know when your audience will be on Facebook so you can get more response from them within few minutes of posting.


4. Use the Facebook News: 

Do you know a lot of people get their news mostly from Facebook these days? Well, a lot of people check their Facebook news feeds first thing in the morning and even within the day. Using this will make you become their source of news and information especially when you are the first to post on your wall. Always find informative and important news to share with your audience. Also, make sure the news you are sharing is relevant and within your marketing niche. Doing this will encourage them to engage and share your content with their family and friends which may result in more fans and followers on your fan page.

5. Post Timing: 

You need to target and post your content when you think your audience will be online or when they can see your post. There are three times you may want to post to get them engage with your content. The first time, you need to post when they are about to wake up, secondary, you need to post when they are on break and thirdly when they close from work and get home. You must know when your audience is able to see your post instantly so you can encourage them to engage with them.

6. Call to Action: 

Your audience is loyal in most cases and would easily do what you ask of them. There is nothing wrong in asking them to click, comment, like and share your post. You could convince them to follow you in order to get more quality information always and also encourage them to like and share your content by asking them. Just find a way to convince them to engage more with your content.

Hope these tips are useful. Please leave your comments and suggestions below. See you again.