Think Facebook Doesn’t Work For Business Anymore? That’s Nuts!

Facebook Marketing

Think Facebook Doesn’t Work For Business Anymore? That’s Nuts!

If you’re like many businesses these days, you’ve just about given up on Facebook as a means of promoting your business. Things may have been working out great for you in the past, but over the last few years, you’ve noticed the engagement of your posts getting lower, and your fans dropping off one by one until the point where Facebook basically stopped sharing your updates altogether.


So it’s over for businesses on Facebook, right?

Not so fast. It’s a myth, and if you understand how to leverage Facebook properly, you’ll be in better shape than ever.

So what’s behind the common sentiment about Facebook’s demise?

Facebook Has a tract record

First, the internet moves at the speed of light, and there are constantly proclamations of new, better, online channels. But the fact is that Facebook (unlike the new kids on the block) has proven it’s place in our world, and has the numbers to prove it. The next time someone tells you that you need to jump ship from the old guard social media in favour of the latest trending platform, think twice before taking action.


Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

News Feed Changes

It’s true that Facebook has changed it’s algorithms to make it more difficult for businesses and marketers to dominate the newsfeed of the end-user… but that’s actually a very smart move.

Why? Because the happier the end user (who isn’t bombarded with promotional messages all the time), the more likely they are to stay on Facebook… and that leads directly to the other smart thing Facebook has done.


Effective Advertising Platform

They’ve created the world’s most powerful consumer ­focussed advertising platform. A platform that is driven by data about actual people, and designed to afford even the smallest of small businesses the ability to reach the ideal prospect on the tiniest of budgets.


Low Budget Advertising Cost

Is Facebook making us “pay to play?”

In short, yes. But the playground they’ve built is the most cutting edge one available. And, unlike traditional ads on the radio, TV, in newspapers, or even on other websites, Facebook ads can easily and rapidly be tested to bring you positive ROI.



Ease of Management

It is easy for the average business to manage on their own?

All it takes is a simple understanding of a winning Facebook ads strategy, and any small business can easily create and prosper from Facebook ads. And if plans and goals are loftier, there are plenty of seasoned ad specialists available to help construct winning campaigns to reach your business’s goals.


Get Started

Don’t play into the myth that Facebook isn’t worth your time or attention. Get started on a plan, and be consistent. Before you know it, you’ll be building your email list, driving more customers through your doors, and making new sales faster than you ever thought possible.









By D. Baer

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