Stop Wasting Time On Facebook

Stop Killing Time

Stop Killing Time

Facebook can be a swirling vortex in which time disappears.
It can also be a great platform for connecting with everyone from friends and family to business partners and potential clients.
Here are 4 simple ways you can stay out of the vortex and be productive (in no particular order).

1. Know Your Goals
Why are you on Facebook? How do you plan to leverage it for your business?
Keep your personal connecting time and your business networking time separate if you really want to get results from your time on Facebook. Clicking on cute images like that of cats, and watching funny videos friends are sharing aren’t so much “business” networking… instead go engage with your fans and clients on your business page and get some conversation going, or visit fan pages of your colleagues and clients to see what you can contribute to the conversations there.
Remember what you’re working towards when you’re there for “work” and use your time effectively.

2. Protect Your Time
Use a timer when you get on Facebook. Set it for the amount of time you’re willing to spend and then discipline yourself to be done when the timer goes off.
Need a little more help? Try LeechBlock or Rescue Time.

3. Customize Your Chat Settings
What’s your time worth a minute? I keep my chat turned off. Here’s how you can turn your off, or customize it just to show you online for family or close friends:

Step i: Click the gear icon in the bottom right area of your screen.

Step ii: Choose whether you want to show up only for certain people or be completely off chat. If you don’t want to be visible to anyone just uncheck “available to chat” and skip to step iv.

Step iii: Choose who to be visible to, then save with the “Okay” button.

Step iv: Click the little arrow button to hide the sidebar so you don’t see the live stream of updates and who’s online.

4. Get Better Notifications
Turn off Facebook email notifications for things like group posts and replies. Do you need 50+ emails a day? Or do you just need to know what’s going on in your social space? I use NutShell Mail and PostRank to watch mine. They’ll take all your activity and put it into one email for you so you can see what’s happening easily.

With these four strategies you can be effective on Facebook without spending a lot of time on the site.

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