Methods Of Taking Action To Achieve Your Goals

Take Action on your goals

Methods Of Taking Action To Achieve Your Goals

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One of the primary reasons most businesses fail is a lack of appropriate action. It may be a lack of action prior to opening a business, a lack of marketing, a reluctance to spend money to make money or taking counsel from the wrong people and taking action you know in your gut is wrong. But any way you slice it – it is action.

Once you have identified your burning desire, targeted your goal and laid out your plan it’s time to take action. How you take that action, what methods you use, will often foretell your success or failure. Let me explain. Say, for instance, you want to open a hair salon. The appropriate actions the you would take would be to develop a business plan which is detail and encompasses all of your actions you plan on taking in the next two years. This business plan would also address financial issues in order to satisfy requirements of your bank to obtain your loan.

Your business plan would outline your marketing strategies, education plan for hairdressers who are hired, payments structure, accounting process and budget. It should also address your target market and your geographical and competitive analysis which should support the development of your particular hair salon in the location you have chosen.


These are the actions which will identify obstacles and challenges your new business will encounter as well as possible support mechanisms that will enable your new business to overcome these challenges. These are appropriate methods of action for a new business owner who is opening a brick and mortar business.

These actions will be different for an entrepreneur who has decided to open an online business or a young woman who has come to a point in her life where she would like to find a life partner and settle down. The actions will be different based upon the ultimate goal but the method by which these actions are taken will be incredibly similar.

In other words, successful people plan their method for taking action by looking to the future and anticipating obstacles and challenges. By not barreling headlong into a new situation, but rather are identifying specific criteria and factors which must be met in order to be successful, successful people have increased their chances of achieving their goal.

The first step is to identify the range of potential actions which can be considered in order to achieve the goal. If you are opening a brick and mortar business your first action would be to determine if that business can be supported in the location you are considering. If your target market does not live close by and the market research does not bear out an action plan then either the business plan should be discarded or the business should consider another location.

The range of potential actions which are appropriate often start with education. In the case of the brick-and-mortar business become educated about the location in which they hope to build. An online entrepreneur would look more at the particular niche in which he is attempting to build a business because the location is not as important. The woman who chooses to find her life partner must first determine her own likes and dislikes and understand who she is before she can successfully link her life to that of another.


Once you’ve become educated about the range of potential choices and actions that you can take to achieve your goals it’s time to choose which action is the first one to take. It may seem obvious at first, but many people often jump to the middle of the project without taking the initial first steps.

It is essential that brick-and-mortar businesses develop their business plan and find their business loans once they have found their location. The online entrepreneur must determine what products is best sold to the niche in which he wants to work. It does no good jump in to creating a product when the individuals in that niche are either are not willing to buy or are used to purchasing products developed in another venue.

The method you use of taking action to achieve your goal should always include steps of education and assessment. By assessing your action plan and the results you have achieved you are better able to determine your next steps and bring yourself even closer to your final result.











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