How Do People Make Money Online? Three Proven Methods


How Do People Make Money Online? Three Proven Methods

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The internet offers a number of unique opportunities for a variety of skills sets over a wide range of work areas. You can pick and choose from a number of options based on your area if interest. There are several different ways that people go about the process of making money online. Here are three answers to the question- how do people make money online?

  1. Affiliate marketing;
    2. Network marketing;
    3. Working from home.

Affiliate Marketing
In recent years, affiliate marketing has emerged as one of the most popular ways of making money online. This form of marketing primarily involves promoting the services and products of a business that directly ties in with the branding and promotional efforts of that online business. As an affiliate marketer, you derive your income stream from one of the three of the most commonly employed business models.

  1. Pay-per-lead or PPL model where you get paid for every new registrant.


  1. Pay-per-Sale or the PPS model where payment is made for each customer you get or each sale that you generate.


  1. Pay-per-click model or PPC model where affiliates are rewarded with a certain share of the total revenue (in terms of a fixed percentage) that the parent company makes. Affiliate marketers always get paid through commissions based on the profits that the merchant website makes as a part of their concerted effort to maximize their revenue potential.

Network Marketing
The second way of making money online is through the network marketing system. This model necessitates the participation of a network of distributors. When compared with affiliate marketing, this is can be a more lucrative option because you can make money both from website sales as well as the sales that you make as a part of the distributor network. Popular as multi level marketing or MLM, the rewards and payout varies with the hierarchy and structure of the distribution network.

Working from home

The third option of working from home is also profitable. You can also make money by taking paid surveys online. These surveys are launched by big brands as a part of their user feedback projects. The information generated through the surveys is collected prior to the launch of their products and services in the markets.

These are only three ways that answer the question- how do people make money online. There are many more ways one can explore to profit from the internet, it only takes a little knowledge and some imagination.

By Rich Riley

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