4 simple Steps to Get Viral on Facebook and Capture Your Targeted Audience

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4 simple Steps to Get Viral on Facebook and Capture Your Targeted Audience

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Big companies spend millions of resources and employ human resources just to get people to listen to them. But what about the small companies that do not have such big resources or man power to achieve the results. You must be thinking that it is not possible to keep with these MNCs and big business moguls, but you are wrong. Even in fewer resources, it is quite possible to compete with the big dogs and achieve the results as good as the ones achieved with more money.
All you need to do is sit down and make a plan, which incorporates all the important elements through which you can increase your visibility and stay on the top of your game.
The basics of achieving the goal remain same, although the way to get there might be different. Do not worry if you have to take a long way to get there because of fewer resources. Instead, focus on getting there no matter how long it takes.

Stay Active
The best practice to make sure people see you and engage with your content is by making sure you stay active. Keep yourself updated with all the trends and make sure you follow them. People only take interest in the content that is relatable and unique.
Updating your status every day, posting pictures, videos, quotes is the way to ensure that you exist in market. Use highly projected keywords and hashtags. Use them in all posts so whenever someone is searching for the information on that specific topic, they find you.
Make a plan and a solid strategy for content. Decide the content wisely, so you can stay at the top of your game.

Valuable Content
Facebook has dramatically changed its algorithm, which limits the unworthy posts to reach followers. This results in your page’s lower organic reach, which directly affects your analytics.
The posts that do not contain valuable information are unable to reach audience, so make sure you post highly valuable and share worthy content that will get audiences’ attention. People themselves will be convinced to share the posts, ensuring virality and wide reach.

There are two main ways to manage this harsh new reality: paying every once in a while to promote your most important posts and optimizing your non-paid (organic) posts for best results.

As I mentioned earlier that your organic reach get limited if the content is not valuable, so make valuable content. Now that is as important as the people who actually read these posts. What happens when you post original and exciting content but no one is around to see it and it gets lost with all the other ignored content? You still do not make any progress in ensuring your visibility.
For this reason posting on specific time slots and scheduling posts for prime time is very crucial. Make sure you know your target audience, their interests, their social media habits, their routines so you are able to post on the time when they are online and active.
There are a lot of free online tools like Hootsuite, Buffer or BleuPage which are able to analyze your Facebook page activity and provide you automation tools. Using these tools, you can schedule your posts to publish at optimal times for your target audience and fans. However, it is also important that you do not post too often, to the point where your followers get irritated by the over-flowing posts.

All Facebook pages are different depending on the business they represent. Some business have content that brings more engagements and interaction like BuzzFeed, Huffington Post etc. Some businesses like the ones working with sanitary products do not have as much flexibility to post fun content as the ones mentioned earlier.
If you have an average business with fewer fun content, you need to experiment all the type of content. Posts, images, videos, links, polls, memes and so on are some of the option you have to give a shot at. This will help you decide that what kind of posts attracts your followers the most so you can use the same format for future use.
Experimentation is a crucial part of social media marketing. Try out different posts and compare the audience’s reaction to them. It also allows you to gain insights that can help in optimizing newer content.
















By Gina Hales

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